He is from Japan. The speed of advancement of AI is really rapid right now, so I think it’s a fun time. Coincidentally enough, I did have conversations about a bipedal robot from multiple companies. Japanese is a very peculiar language in that it seems to have solid grammar, but actually it doesn’t. You needed to pretty much rewrite the script for it to work. It was the time when Sony was king and so I decided it would be interesting to be in the market leader from a lower position and joined Sega. So translation alone wouldn’t have been enough to develop an English version of Seaman. So, I’m no longer interested in that project. We needed to develop new ways of interacting with the game that required more actions (button pressing, etc.) Seaman creator Yoot Saito on the fishy Dreamcast AI that was way ahead of its time ‘A concept that was universally strange for men and women.’ By Sam Byford @345triangle Sep 6, … It’s thanks to all the hard work of the team back then that we were able to achieve this goal.”. I had overlooked this as nuance, when in fact, it has been a pillar of Japanese grammar, and as the voice actor of the Seaman series, I became aware of this notion and decided to develop a melody recognition engine.”. He is from Japan. Twitter; Contact; SimTower: The Vertical Empire . The manual for SimTower shares a funny story about how Japanese developer Yoot Saito ended up making a Sim game. Black Friday Sale: Take 20% Off All Giant Bomb Merch Until 11/30! After Seaman and its PS2 sequel, Saito designed Odama, a pinball-strategy hybrid for the GameCube where players used voice commands to direct soldiers on the table. The more complex the theme, the more it is something no other creator had done, the more it interested me. Odama is a game that simulates a fray of soldiers. In 1996, he founded the video game development company Vivarium. But voice recognition technology itself is evolving rapidly right now — if a clever game designer worked on something I think they could make a really interesting game. from the end user and things to make them constantly focus constantly on the game while playing it, which led to some major design changes.”. The fan then persisted with excitement over the idea and Saito again responded by mentioning that his development team would work to meet fan’s expectations. Yoot Saito (designer of the original Seaman) has been tweeting some interesting things as of late. The reason for this is that there is a stark cultural difference between different countries and when someone in Japan asks you what your blood type is, it’s the equivalent to asking someone what their zodiac sign is. Following this he developed the Nintendo Gamecube game 'Odama', and in 2007 released a successor to Seaman titled 'Seaman 2'. We were just joking around but I said, ‘If I was gonna make a game like this, I’d do something crazy!’ to which my co-worker responded, ‘Yeah, like what specifically?’ I felt like I was on the spot and had to say something quickly. Most gamers wouldn’t realize it, but Seaman is a game with a lot of push-pull game elements in the same way as poker. If we can complete this engine, we’ll start developing a ‘Seaman with no end in scenario.’ The new thing will be the voice of the Seaman generated and spoken on the spot in real time, on the spot, not a prerecorded voice. Yoot Saito (designer of the original Seaman) has been tweeting some interesting things as of late. Yutaka “Yoot” Saito made one of the most memorable titles in video game history, Seaman for the Sega Dreamcast. How to go about overcoming that tested my wisdom, one could say.”. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Because of this you had a structure in which conversations are done while exploring intentions. He met with Sega president Shoichiro Irmajiri at a sushi bar and he famously declared the game to be "Horrible" but later asked if the game could be developed for the upcoming Sega Dreamcast.