Travel Agents hold the role of selling and administering packages from various tour operators to their personal clients based on what they’re looking for and what package suits each client best. Internal Customers vs. A tour operator, on the other hand, will be responsible for all the issues related to travel including the trip. A tour operator is a person who makes all the arrangements on behalf of individuals who want to go to different places in the world. While some of them go for the simpler approach, others just help customers find the best experiences in packages and they go from there. Travel agents can be specific to a location while tour operators are not restricted to one country or area. One more difference that can be obtained from all this is that a tour operator can act as a middle man between the traveler and the travel agent while an agent acts on its own. They help tourists narrow down their search as they hold the role of selling and administering travel packages from various tour operators. Follow him on Twitter @HarlonMoss. And you will also have ground operators, which are locally based and tend to partner with other travel businesses mainly instead of selling transportation and guide services individually. A travel agent will be the person who provides all the services related to your tour and manage where you fly from, where you get your connecting flights and hiring of cars in the local area. A tour agent does not have a contract with the people who want to travel, it just provides the facilities on an individual basis once a person gets in contact with them. Travel agents will then work directly with the tour operator to perfect your requests and provide the tour operator with the information and payments they need. Tour operator taking up the bulk of the responsibilities and his fee is obviously much greater than a travel agent. This topic will look at them in a detailed manner. A tour operator provides diverse opportunities while a travel agent provides particular options. A tour operator makes the package holidays up and the travel agents sell them on. Becoming a travel agent is relatively easier since is focuses on one aspect while a tour operator requires more time to learn the trade. Grow your revenue, boost your bookings and delight your guests with our all in one solution for accommodation providers, tour operators and travel marketplaces.Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, we work with partners around the world. They do buy services and goods in bulk but they do prepare a complete experience for the customer to enjoy and appreciate. The primary job of a travel agent is to act as an agent for the traveler and the tour operators and sell products related to the field on their behalf. However, a tour might not necessarily include all of these elements. Mostly it is thought that both the terms are similar to each other, and they do the same work, but this is not entirely accurate. Travel agent manages all the flights and local trips for the client while a tour operator manages all the thing such as bookings, reservations, sites to visit and etc. This article looks at the main differences between them, how they function and run their business. Flights arrangements can be the responsibility of the travel agent while a tour operator asks the travel agents to make these arrangements on behalf of the people who want to visit. A travel agent makes more profit than a tour operator in the overall terms. A tour operator makes more profit in percentage than a travel agent. Travel Agents hold the role of selling and administering packages from various tour operators to their personal clients based on what they’re looking for and what package suits each client best. Obviously, things will differ from one tour operator to the next. More investment is required for this business, and it needs more contacts for working properly since every place requires different actions and people who are traveling want no issues to arise during their visiting. A travel agent needs more money to start their own business. This is done with the help of few people who are known as travel agents and tour operators. Travel Agents. Use a Tour Operator or travel agent. The travel agent is a person that knows tourist products very well and that are directly selling them to customers. They get tickets on discounted rates and sell them at a higher price. Then they will combine those components the way they want into a single package. Try Tashi Free for 14 days. Travel agents can be specific to a location while tour operators are not restricted to one country or area. Combined they have received 898 customer reviews and an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. For example, they can control, book and devise an entire trip by creating a package holiday that include elements like airport transfers, accommodation, activities, tours. They get in touch with travel agents for the case of flight or cab booking and give them their share according to the arrangements made. Another difference between them in some cases is that a tour operator will be responsible for all the things when you arrive in the city while a tour operator will become your guide even before you start your journey. It is, therefore, safe to say that a tour operator can be a travel agent, but a travel agent cannot always be a tour operator. Ultimately, when a company meets the requirements, it will receive a … The main difference is that a tour operator is responsible for operating and providing your vacation through the contracting, booking and packaging together of the various components of your tour such as your hotel, transportation, meals, guides, optional tours and sometimes flight. It takes care of your hotel reservations, airport choices, what activities are done in a new city and the places you want to visit. No credit card needed. In charge of managing everything from the start till the end. It deals with the availability of flights which are suitable for persons who are going, car bookings in the area where they are visiting and making other reservations such as getting people in touch with the local tour operators. Their main responsibility is to deliver and also perform all those services that are specified within the tour package. With the increase of internet use in everyone’s lives independently booking your tour package directly with tour operators is now more available than it had been in the past therefore requiring the use of an agent to know what operators were out there and available. Top Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in USA. We've detected that you are using AdBlock Plus or some other adblocking software which is preventing the page from fully loading. The idea here is to fully understand what each one of them does and how it works. As you can imagine, all tours can be adapted and adjusted based on the customer requirements. Therefore, it is safer option to become a travel agent.