The former Ms. Olympia was a face and body of fitness for several years. He didn’t have access to expert personal trainers or the best supplements on the market, yet was still able to accomplish so much. In celebration, she takes off her jersey to reveal some awesome abs. Dorian Yates then continued that notion, and when he retired, people were unsure of what was next. Combine those facts with his great conditioning, and it’s no surprise as to why he’s one of the best. 19. So let’s celebrate those who built some of the greatest physiques ever seen by conquering some of those most -terrifying weights ever faced. Some are from bodybuilding and others are from other forms of sports and entertainment. Wells finished in 6th at the CrossFit Games last year and is known to break the internet whenever a photo of her has been shared. He is considered by many bodybuilding historians to be the best bodybuilder to never win the Olympia. He possessed a well developed and symmetrical physique that was also absolutely massive. “The Game” doesn’t need to get ready because he stays ready. The fame was in the name. No one saw anything like Ronnie Coleman before, and he was the first true “mass monster”, as they are called. He started training when he was just 18 and began competing in the 1990’s, before he secured his Olympia titles through the better parts of the 2000’s. Just trust me. The multi-time Olympia and Arnold winner still can set the stage and Instagram on fire. Gary Strydom. But Arnold is more than just a bodybuilder, his life story is just filled with inspiration and success as he sought out and conquered his goals. The reigning Bikini Olympia champion looks like she will hold that title for years to come. Between his Olympia winning physique in the 70’s and his movie star muscles he carried in the 80’s, Schwarzenegger was responsible for inspiring many people to start training for more than two generations now. Hardgainer and veteran fitness writer Roger "Rock" Lockridge started training in 1999, and has been featured in numerous publications and fitness sites. Some are obvious while others may not be. Keep in mind that this is based on era and where the athletes stood at that time. If a list like this comes out in 10-15 years, she could be on it. People weren’t sure if bodybuilders could get bigger than Haney, but then Yates stepped out on stage. M&S weekly newsletter sends you workouts, articles and motivation based on your goal. Gary Strydom is the famous body builder of the eighties, whose wonderful flexed body is the result of his strenuous compound and isolation exercises. When Sergio stepped on stage for the first time, no one saw anything like it. This one might surprise you but in his playing days, he was known for his bodybuilder-like physique. Not many models feature muscle the way she does. Jeremy Buendia has competed in the IFBB since 2013 and won the Men’s Physique Olympia title … Even in his 50’s, he is extremely strong among bodybuilders everywhere. Join over 500k subscribers who receive weekly workouts, diet plans, videos and expert guides from Muscle & Strength. He keeps his followers satisfied on both Instagram and in the theaters and is proud of being both show and go. Body Transformation: Noah Elias Gets Ripped In 10 Weeks, Body Transformation: An Adaptive Chris Ruden Perseveres, Body Transformation: Marcin Maly Gets Shredded In 4 Months, Body Transformation: John Stone Turned His Life Around And Got Ripped & Muscular, Body Transformation: Jade Socoby's Powerlifting Journey, Body Transformation: Emilia Andradottir Quit Smoking And Built A Better Body. Check your inbox for your welcome email. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Hulk Hogan may have been the guy in that era but more people wanted to look like the Warrior. In the world of CrossFit, Ence is among the most popular and when she competed was in contention for the title of Fittest on Earth. No wonder he appears at the top of this list. Her combo of muscle and symmetry is the best in the game right now. They become inspiration for all those youngsters who want to gain perfect physique.