That's quite the power. More is not always better. Ballistic matching technology is a very powerful feature! The magnification can even be lowered to almost zero for shorter range CQB ops. Small, light thermal scope with extended range and enhanced images. IP67 rating. Compatible With Various Day Optics Most scopes top out at magnification around 15x. Targets only 5.5 feet high can be detected nearly 2,000 yards (Model FXQ50). This versatility is not possible with light-amplification technology. Dustin R. Quick change. UPDATE: The October 30, 2019 firmware update improves the image quality of all Pulsar Thermion models, and adds the audio capability. There are also up to three profiles, so you can mix and match rifles. Every possible mode available for a thermal optic is packed into this scope. Really, for the price, you probably get more from this scope than any other product on the market. Such a long range is not necessary for most hunters. Fit perfect on my Thor LT scope Fast and easy installation . Email:, 9AM-7PM CST Mon-Fri Excellent Image Quality – The image quality of the Thermion XP38 is right up there with the best scopes on the market. It has integrated still image and, My Thermion arrived with a Quick Start Guide, but if you are new to Thermal or have never used a Pulsar brand thermal scope, you may want to download the, You can mount a Thermion to your rifle using any brand of 30mm rings but I used the high-quality, The Thermion has three reticles (X51Fi-300, M56Fi, M57Fi) with “Smart Reticle Function”. The one that comes up the most is ATN. The Core Front Attachment even allows you to continue utilizing your riflescope’s variable magnification. its view will change (increase or decrease) in proportion to the variable magnification. That is not their primary market. However, today there are not really any affordable thermal scopes. You see all. The focus ring is in the same place as a regular riflescope with an adjustable objective on the front of the scope. Some thermal scopes even have a daylight mode that allows you to see in normal color. The Thermion's sharper image will let you see better at night. Still think you can find a better deal elsewhere? This is likely because the brand was founded by a small group of hunters. Instead, the quick functions of the Thermion controller used while hunting access brightness, contrast, range estimation functions. The thermogram is then transformed into a series of electrical impulses. As a matter of fact, the eight, run time is among the best in thermal optics. Unlike a digital camera, you won't get resolution in the megapixel range. Clip-on scopes are very convenient. All of their products are based on the same platform. Use the promo code 5OFF for 5% off your total purchase, plus free shipping!*. Magnification: 1.6-13x Their weight can make them hard to use. In a few seconds, you have the estimate and your reticle automatically reappears. For a new company, Pulsar is doing just about everything right. On the left side where turrets are normally placed on conventional scopes, you find the controller knob. Set up early and give yourself time. You need to give the scope time to warm up and calibrate. Because of the way they work, most targets wouldn’t show up correctly. Our editors pick the products & services we write about. FLIR has been around since the late '70s. The many different included pallets and latest FLIR technology gives the Predator. This has enabled them to lead in thermal optics even if they don’t offer all the extras. Welcome to Kalinka Optics Warehouse®! Check Out The Top 9 Thermal Scopes On The Market: The truth is that most people will never need a thermal scope. There is something very exciting about hunting with night vision. For many people it can be a big one. A thermal scope is likely the most advanced tool you will ever buy for hunting. It recharges the Thermion batteries as I hunt. ← Previous Post Armasight Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope – FLIR Zeus 336 3-12x50mm, 4. They will always need to be treated with care. So it needs a lot of thought. Let's get the specifics out of the way. of familiar colors and shading, some targets can be hard to identify. But with the right durability the scope will be able to be used in adverse conditions. 4 polarity modes. Compatible With Various Day Optics The Core Front Attachment is designed to turn most traditional rifle scopes, with objective lens diameters of 40–56 mm, into thermal … In addition to the selectable pallets, there are 5 different reticles. IPX7 waterproof-rated protection ensures the Core Front Attachment performs perfectly in wet weather, even during intense rain, snowfall, and submersion in 3 ft. of water for up to 30 min. Weight: 4.4lbs The whole scope is dustproof for use in harsh environments. It has more range than you would even need at night. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! With night vision, you own the night. With our Hassle-Free Extended The removable battery and cable port are under the caps where the elevation and windage adjustments are normally located on conventional scopes.