This is the vibration you need to be in to access your Spirit guides. Specifically, over the past couple of years due to various causes, … These spiritual vibration signs will either confirm your spiritual vibration … Spiritual awakening is physical too. ... No matter what method of raising your vibration to pick, you would better decide a few things in advance. Low vibration is characterized by sluggish thinking, … By testing your spiritual vibration signs, you can identify your strong points as well as your weaknesses. Its where we fall short most often. … A high vibration is characterized by sharp thinking, quick learning, easy memory recall, innovative problem solving and high creativity. When a Soul starts to vibrate at 5.0 they begin to pursue spiritual … Now that you have your two lists, count the number of items you have in each. Sabrina Reber resides in Destin Florida with her husband Todd and her two children - Alexandrea and Savannah. It is important for us to remember we are spiritual souls in human form and we are here to learn and grow, in order to raise our vibrations and ascend to the next level of consciousness. Awakening is the first step on your guided path towards fully remembering yourself as a spiritual … Interpreting Spiritual Vibration Test Results. If your score is less than 10, then your vibrations … Most of us understand what vibration is, but fail to understand how it functions and how to know more about it? Subtract the number in the “Low” column from the number in the “High” column to get your final score. Spiritual awakening is PHYSICAL too… And for humans like us who generally find the spiritual side of life to come more naturally, we often neglect the physical. Here is an easy way to test your spiritual vibration. I get 1-2 requests a day, just to measure someone’s vibration for $15, and … Vibration is one of the most crucial factors in determining our spiritual condition. On raising your vibrational frequency. Find out more about this magic manifestation method >>> First of all… don’t try to raise your vibration until you know what it is. The Soul vibration must be between 5.0 and above to be in this dimensional space. Here are the 4 quick ways to test your vibration… But if your soul is going to ascend to the 5D vibration… Sabrina is an artist, author of a soul ascension manual called “Raise Your Vibration”, ordained minister in the Lively Stones Healing Ministry, a vibrational energy healer and a spiritual activist on the “How To Raise Your Vibration… A lot of emphasis has been being placed on spiritual vibration and ascension to a higher consciousness in today’s society. Spiritual Vibration Level Chart. Some of the most important and most unpleasant steps is learning what is your vibration … Cynthia Evans is an intuitive spiritual blogger, enlightening and empowering people with her blogs on spirituality, energy work, self-love, spiritual wellness, healing, mindfulness, self-development and so on.