(Read the original article HERE) It is true however, that the left handed version of the Hipshot Standard B Bender (Drop-D lever and Hip Lever) uses the exact same devices as the right handed model but switched around. Low-friction roller saddles adjust for intonation and height, and for string spacings from 2" to 2-3/16" (50.80mm to 55.56mm). In conclusion, it must be mentioned that the bridge does not require any notches on the body surface at all. $72.18 (8) The Schaller bridges are built to the highest of quality standards and require very little maintenance. For a guitar parts manufacturer, that’s unusual. Plus, it sits just a bit higher than a Hipshot, which for me, makes it easier to palm mute comfortably. You can download here the Hannes® 6 Installation template. Like the Gibraltar, the ABM is another love/hate bridge. Need some help? The item was packaged very very well! Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. This is an excellent bridge for the price; good value ! One other complaint about this bridge is that the design makes it a bit hard to string the guitar with super heavy gauge strings. If the bridge mounting screws are too long, they can be shortened using a metal saw and deburred using a file. Teflon used in the compound is a highly effective lubricant material (one of the most effective in the world), that dramatically reduces saddle-related string breakage, since no sharp edges can form on the saddles due to wear. Shouldnt have this problem with Schaller products. could not be more pleased, highly recommended, Perfect item, excellent communication and speedy delivery. Recently, we’ve put up quite a few articles revolving around tremolo-style bridges, such as How to Set Up a Floyd Rose and an Original Floyd Rose Guide. They are all really great options, and there’s even more on the market to choose from as well! Both fresh and subdued in appearance, it further emphasises the guitar’s premium design. The Schaller was the perfect choice. from $83.99 (57) Traditional 3-Saddle Bridge for Telecaster. After inadvertently rounding off the hex wrench with a little too much torque, I had to remove the saddles and soak them in lubricating oil for a while. Couldn't ask for more. The Gibraltar bridge is well known for it’s high level of comfort and easy-to-use design and was found on the highly revered RGA 121. Only 3 stars for a few issues. Shop Parts at Allparts®. Ibanez Gibraltar Plus. You can earth the pickups via the string anchor plate if necessary. You can download here the technical drawings (pdf-file). But after some irritation and a little cussing, it is a great bridge that I will order again. In a world full of string-through bridges, this was not easy to find. A bit on the pricer side of things, these high quality, low-profile bridges will run around $120. You just slide the string through the back of the bridge and then right up to the tuning machines. I only gave 4 stars because one of the saddle adjustment screws was installed cross threaded. A further improvement over conventional designs is the larger contact surface over which the vibrations are carried from the bridge to the body. I've put Schaller bridges on all of my basses because they have unique feature of being able to line up the string with the poles of the pickups. Golden Age Top-Loading Hardtail Bridge. Wanted to replace a Crome, three saddle, top-load bridge on a Yamaha SE200 with a new, all black bridge. With that being said, the bridge design on the Gibraltar makes changing strings a breeze. The entire bridge has a nice full curve to it, which makes it quite ergonomic. Oops, looks like you forgot something. This handsome bridge features low friction rollers for each string and is adjustable in width from 2" to 2-3/16" (51mm to 55.5mm). These rollers are also individually adjustable for string height and intonation. No need to run the strings through the back of the guitar! typical mensur for Fender instruments. Also, don’t forget we are a dealer for many beloved brands such as Ibanez, Mayones, ESP, Schecter, PRS, and more! MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE IN FRANCE! Schaller presents the guitar bridge of the future! It has impressively detailed highs, a fast attack and a well defined, powerful and harmonic tone. It looks like part of the unit, and there Is no documentation provided. That’s just me, but otherwise, they are probably my favorite that I’ve used! Really improved the sustain and tone. Hello Madison, We apologize for this issue with our Schaller Non Trem Roller Bridge. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. Only thing don't over tighten the lock it will break a saddle. How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great! Well, pretty much. Many thanks! It is easily dismantled for cleaning and needs only a small perforated rail on the rear of the body to fix the ball ends of the strings, as well as two lock screws in order to secure is tightly. 40 product ratings - Genuine Schaller Germany STM Roller Tunematic Bridge, Chrome 12080200, 7 product ratings - Schaller Germany STM Roller Tuneomatic BLACK Bridge for Gibson Les Paul Guitar, 18 product ratings - Schaller Germany STM Roller Tuneomatic GOLD Bridge for Gibson Les Paul/SG Guitar, 2 product ratings - Schaller Original 3D6 6-String Flatmount Electric Guitar Bridge, CHROME 12120200, 4 product ratings - Schaller Chrome Roller Saddle Hardtail Top Load Electric Bridge SB-0281-010, 4 product ratings - Genuine Schaller Germany Lockmeister/Floyd Rose Trem/Tremolo Arm, NICKEL, 1 product ratings - Schaller FLoyd Rose Tremolo Arm- Black Chrome 1362 - 13080400, 2 product ratings - Schaller Guitar Bridge for Les Paul Chrome STM-452 - 12080200 Tuneomatic, 1 product ratings - Schaller Electric Guitar Bridge - 3D6 Chrome 475 - 12120200, 10 product ratings - NEW - Schaller STM Roller Tunematic, Adjustable String Spacing, CHROME, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Mint items are in essentially new original condition but have been opened or played. This revolutionary new composite material provides a further elementary advantage in addition to the remarkably low specific weight of 1.75 g/ccm* along with its tremendous rigidity and resistance. Feel free to ask any questions! The bridge is low-maintenance and comfortable to play. The saddles are made from a special, “touch-friendly” compound that has a smooth surface and no sharp edges. Provided that the body is flat where the bridge is to sit, you can fit the Hannes to any type of guitar. The individual couplers lie flat on the guitar surface. You already knew that this one would make the list. The bridge is low-maintenance and is comfortable to play. Micro-coupling causes inadequate transfer of those very deep frequencies in particular, which are considered essential in electric guitars today. Buy all Schaller products directly from the manufacturer. I actually favor the shape of this bridge to the Schaller. Rapid delivery & great product. This is a narrow spacing. These tend to be love/hate for a lot of people, but I’m going to put them on here anyway because I adore the Gibraltar on my RGA. Specially designed locking studs for tight connection and perfect sound coupling. At the same time, the use of Teflon means that the bridge offers a high degree of tuning stability. Thanks Tudor ...mark out on the guitar body the center axis required to position the bridge. Inventor Roland Hannes took another step towards further optimising the acoustic responsiveness. from Alan who recently fitted a Babicz Teleca, Fresh set of M6 Locking Tuners for this guitar. You can check out our shop here! The scope of supply includes the following accessories: A connection must be formed between each of the string sockets (or at least one in every two) and the potentiometer or the switch, either by soldering or crimping. The advantage of this system over those where all of the vibrating strings share a common carrier, is obvious: If the strings are in a common carrier, then each of the individual vibrations is subject to the physical influence of the other vibrating strings in the group, thus compromising their harmonious response. My only actual complaint (it’s quite subjective) is that I don’t like the way the Schaller bridges look in comparison to Hipshot. Schaller Signum Bridge G 12350500. In order to drill the holes exactly, a box column drill is absolutely necessary. 100% as listed. Awes, Great choice In this context, if you consider the classic string instrument construction which has been based for centuries on the ideal vibration coupling of string and body, the generous dimensions of the contact surface between the bridge and the top makes sense. Each string is fed via a separate coupler unit individually adjustable in terms of intonation and height (saddle/string plate).. Being the smallest bridge on the list, it’s smooth design is extremely comfortable for players with a light right hand. The individual steps of the procedure are shown here: First mark out the center axis and the mensur on the body so that the template for the Hannes® bridge can be positioned exactly right. A highly adjustable non-trem Strat inspired bridge that doesn't require through body stringing or string grommets. Phillips would be a lot easier to use in this installation, since you have to remove a few saddles to install.