When choosing control options you can minimise harm to non-target animals by starting with the methods in the non-pesticide control section. The control of sawflies is directed at the feeding larvae. Provanto Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Bug Killer, Provanto Sprayday Greenfly Killer) and cypermethrin (e.g. Oak sawflies such as the pine sawfly will damage the leaves of scarlet, black, pin, and white oaks. Conventional insecticides such as malathion are also effective. 020 3176 5800 The natural insecticide spinosad will control sawfly larvae. They have caterpillar like larvae that feed on plants the adults are winged insects that can appear fly-like. Adult sawflies are usually inconspicuous flying insects with two pairs of wings and often dark coloured bodies and legs. A major outbreak of turnip sawfly in 2006 resulted in damage to turnips and oilseed rape and led to economic losses in watercress and brassicas grown as baby-leaf salads. Guidelines on chemical and cultural control are also given. There can be up to 3 generations per year. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. When fully fed the larvae move into cracks in the soil to pupate. The control and elimination of sawflies are possible through natural solutions that do not pose harm beyond its target. If numbers of larvae are too high for hand picking, control may be achieved by spraying with pesticides. RHS members can get exclusive individual advice from the RHS Gardening Advice team. Threshold. The larvae readily drop of the plants when disturbed and so are not often seen. Bug Clear Ultra) is also available. Some larvae look like caterpillars with three pairs of large legs and seven pairs of smaller false legs. Sawflies are the insects of the suborder Symphyta within the order Hymenoptera alongside ants, bees and wasps. The larvae are greenish/black with a lighter coloured stripe along the side and when fully grown are up to 18mm long. Although the damage on the foliage can be considered unsightly, it is generally not extensive enough to affect the plant’s growth or its ability to produce flowers and so this insect can be tolerated. We would like to use cookies to better understand your use of this website. Although rare in the UK for many years there have been reports of significant outbreaks of turnip sawfly attacks on oilseed rape in recent seasons. Turnip sawfly lava.Turnip sawfly larva showing feeding damage.Turnip sawfly adult. 222879/SC038262, Where possible tolerate populations of sawfly, Encourage predators and other natural enemies of sawfly in the garden, such as, Check plants regularly from May for the presence of larvae and remove by hand where practical, If numbers of larvae are too high for hand picking, control may be achieved by spraying with pesticides. Sawflies are in the same group of insects as bees, ants and wasps (the Hymenoptera). Pesticides for gardeners (pdf document outlining pesticides available to home gardeners). The details, and especially the images, have been verified and only trusted sources have been used. The nematode should be applied during cool damp weather; Pesticide control. They may also dig tunnels or form pupal chambers throughout the oak. This sawfly website has been developed by Andrew Green to help promote the identification and recording of sawflies across Britain and Ireland. The adult sawfly is a black 10mm long fly-like insect. Handpicking is good if you have a small garden or if their population is small. The details, and especially the images, have been verified and only trusted sources have been used. Fully grown larvae pupate in the soil, the September generation overwintering in this state. RHS Garden Hyde Hall Spring and Orchid Show, Free entry to RHS members at selected Spraying at dusk is likely to give the best results, Organic contact insecticides containing natural pyrethrins (e.g. Stubble turnips can also be a host. Sawfly Control. The best time to control sawflies is early in their larval stage. The adults do not eat and cannot sting. Take part in our Big Garden Sawfly Survey 2020. Sawfly Control. Wash slugs off leaves with a strong jet of water from the Bug Blaster; larvae may also be sprayed with Safer® Soap. It follows on from the success of Stuart Dunlop's Facebook group - British and Irish Sawflies (Symphyta). This nematode is available from some garden centres or via mail order. Or attract natural predators for natural sawfly control. Several applications of these short persistence products may be necessary to give good control, More persistent contact insecticides include the synthetic pyrethroids lambda-cyhalothrin (e.g. Applications of Decis for control of other insect pests in oilseed rape will control turnip sawfly. This enables us to improve your future experience on our website. Once identified, gardeners understandably then want to know how to control sawfly caterpillars. After a short period the larvae emerge and start feeding on the host plant. Once the eggs hatch into larvae, control can be difficult. Turnip sawfly larvae can be easily located and identified near damaged plants. Bug Clear Gun for Fruit & Veg, Neudorff Bug Free Bug and Larvae Killer). It is hoped that this resource will encourage more people to record sawflies in their area and submit their records to improve our understanding of the status, distribution and ecology of sawflies in Britain and Ireland. Applications of Decis for control of other insect pests in oilseed rape will control turnip sawfly. Adults emerge in spring and lay eggs on the foliage. Each species of sawfly has its own distinct appearance and habit, and they change their appearance as they develop. Within this group the shorter persistence pesticides (that are usually certified for organic growing) are likely to be less damaging to non-target wildlife than those with longer persistence and/or systemic action.