Learn how your comment data is processed. Emily spent the first 10 years of her career in marketing and advertising roles and started side-hustling with Fit Foodie Finds in Fall of 2015. Mix up a batch today! In a pan over medium high heat, coat surface with about 2 tsp of olive oil. The perfect no-fuss, one-pan paleo and Whole30 dinner. Trust me. Thaw it overnight in your refrigerator and cook it using whatever method you like, and enjoy. Holiday side dish or full meal - this sausage stuf, Countdown to Thanksgiving and I have the best pale, New on the blog today - paleo one skillet chicken, New on the blog today - Paleo Pumpkin Gingerbread, If you’re needing another thanksgiving side, or, This gluten-free and Paleo Apple Crumble Pie is se, New (!!) Pour the rest of the ingredients inside with roast. A quick and easy but flavorful way to prepare pork chops or any kind of cut. Whether you’re making chops, ribs, loins or a roast, you’ll love this savory and sweet dry rub. Your email address will not be published. It’s paleo, fast, and it was eaten. not sure how that happened…. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Pork tenderloin is lower in fat, so this dry rub really helps add a ton of flavor! I’m so happy you stopped by! Per 1 lb. This makes for the 5 Ingredient Dry Rub Pork Roast a paleo and keto friendly treat. Great in the cast iron skillet with some red onions, the onions will caramelize from the sugar left behind from the porkchop. I almost feel silly sharing it as a recipe because there are only a few ingredients and it’s seriously so easy to make. Remove the pork chops from the marinade and pat dry with a paper towel. Filed Under: pork, recipes, whole30 Tagged With: dinner, egg free, gluten free, paleo, pork, whole30, I'm Dolly! Make this rub your own! While I would not call the Whole 30 Challenge "fun" by any stretch of the imagination, I have found some enjoyment in remaking some of our favorite meals to be "Whole 30 compliant". amzn_assoc_linkid = "df4fa99b0d9470ec5c8436d9e87920c9"; These baked pork chops are the best oven baked pork chops ever! (I always test for doneness on one for my kids that will be cut up anyway!). Almost there . I served with a side of sauteed brussels sprouts and leftover roasted butternut squash (for the advanced tastebud crowd) and sliced raw red peppers and baby carrots (for the pickys). Once seared, add in reserved marinade and cover with a lid. Check out all of our pork recipes here. One of our favorite dinners to make anytime of the year is an old recipe I found years ago by Guy Fierri for a Cuban style pork chop. Marinate the pork chops in the refrigerator for at least an hour or put in a ziplock and freeze until ready to use. So when we got home from 2 hours of fun at the eye doctor I had to act fast. Nov 11, 2015 - Explore Candi Creviston's board "paleo pork chops" on Pinterest. Great, especially on those busy weeks at work or when you are trying to dial in those reps at the gym. This makes sure the smallest one doesn’t overcook and you can monitor the larger ones until they’ve come to temperature. Mix together the spices and rub on both sides of the pork chop. Enjoy with a side of cauliflower rice and. If you are sauteeing veggies as a side dish, you can do so while the pork chops cook. I bet you already have all these spices in your pantry! It’s perfect for any meal of the day, and can be used to different recipes as well. Meat can cook unevenly if it’s too cold when placed on a grill or smoker - on a grill the outside cooks and the inside stays cold; in a smoker, the the inside can take too long to cook and the outside overcooks. I have altered it a bit over the years, and then again recently to make it something I could eat while on this Paleo diet. And yay for ingredients you likely have on hand already! Check them out below. Rub herb mixture onto the porkchops making sure both sides are well coated. I often visit helpful site to get interesting topics for my essays. Place in the fridge and marinate for at least 1 hour, or overnight. This recipe will last up to 3 months. The main ingredient is pork. Remove the pork chops from the marinade and pat dry with a paper towel. Heat the remaining olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. You have a quick meal in less than an hour! Add the ghee to the pan and continue cooking, basting with the melting ghee for another 2 to 3 minutes per side, or until cooked through. With step by step instructions on how to prepare plus dinner side dish suggestions for what to serve with the chops, this has all the information you need to make the perfect meal! Cook for about 10 minutes, or until pork reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees. A quick and easy but flavorful way to prepare pork chops or any kind of cut. Then, stir the spices together to create your rub. It’s so simple, but packed with so much flavor. If you have never made smashed cauliflower before, its just as easy as mashed potatoes. Welcome to my little corner of the internet! This is our go to pork chop recipe. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; of pork —> use around 2 tablespoons of dry rub. Good news, you can use this dry rub on any and every cut of pork AND even use it on chicken or beef, too! 5 Secrets to Healthy & Delicious Smoothies I do a little too much of everything (except cleaning), and I enjoy laughing at myself. Rub them with a few pantry staple spices and pop them into the oven for 18 minutes and dinner will be ready! The macros are the following: This recipe is great for meal prep since it can keep in the fridge for up to 4 days. What gives this pork chop recipe a little bit of an edge is the marinade. Whether you’re making chops, ribs, loins or a roast, you’ll love this savory and sweet dry rub. If you are a meal prepper, you can definitely make this ahead of time as one of your main protein source throughout the week. This takes about 10 to 15 minutes, meanwhile the juices will reduce down and mix with the spices to make this really zesty glaze. But I think they are still just as flavorful as Guy intended with his original recipe. But just because it's a "Cuban" recipe, doesn't mean it's all that exotic. Whether you’re making these Instant Pot pork chops or another meat dry rubbed in this deliciousness, here are some go-to recipe pairings we’re always coming back to to flesh out a top notch meal: Store your pork rub in a glass, airtight container in a cool place such as a cabinet. Herb Crusted Pork Chops – Whole30 and Paleo friendly. I have been having it with roasted broccoli with a side of garlicky mashed potatoes or cauliflower mash. This recipe specifically uses Diamond Krystal kosher salt. Rub them with a few pantry staple spices and pop them into the oven for 18 minutes and dinner will be ready! And feel free to sub coconut sugar for the brown sugar. This recipes uses a brine to keep moisture in, plus a delicious rub, then the boneless chops get cooked on a pellet grill. Pour about 3/4 of the mixture over the pork chops. Last night was one of those nights. If you like things REALLY hotty hot hot, add a pinch of cayenne or red pepper flakes. They are a little different than our normal chicken and vegetable fare, plus are packed with lots of flavor! You can dry rub your pork chops, put it in a zip lock baggie, and throw it into your freezer until you’re ready to use it. I got inspiration for this herb crusted pork chops from The Piggery’s dry rub pork chops.It’s so simple, but packed with so much flavor. It is a mixture of savory, spicy, and sweet.