“We thought we enhanced the community, not bring it down.”, Elder Ron Rosson, then an associate pastor, said the anonymous neighbors filing noise complaints were “bullying” and that it seemed “racially motivated”. But what will 2020 bring for Oakland? Geez. While African Americans in Oakland have been steadily displaced by gentrification, others who remain are treated like criminals in their own hometown. COVID-19 further burdens Oakland’s Black homeless population’s quest to survive, Requests for Proposals and Qualifications, https://www.gofundme.com/f/hotels-not-graves, https://www.achch.org/isolation-housing.html, City of Oakland Council President Rebecca Kaplan, Poetry, prayers, protest against gentrification and displacement planned for MLK Day. Nonetheless, this view was powerfully communicated by the current Mayor of Oakland’s summer intern staff photo, where one was hard-pressed to find a black person – something not missed on social media. Elbert ‘Big Man’ Howard’s Black Panther Memorial marks history, When the white man who shot up an upscale Oakland neighborhood first shot me, a homeless man, nobody cared; I was the criminal, What businesses should know about being homeless, An interview with Damien Posey of US 4 US Bay Area. Candice: Make a tax deductible donation to the East Oakland Collective. Percentage of Blacks (African Americans) in the United States by Zip Code. “I honestly thought that I was going to die.”. Today, that mindless focus on tech has caused many Oaklanders to be pushed out of the city – many of them black. Theo Williams at Oakland’s Lake Merritt. EOC rapidly grew to focus on civic engagement and leadership, economic empowerment and homeless services and solutions. The anger that fuels Moms 4 Housing’s actions is 100 percent understood, but what I don’t like is the mothers being held in this place of daily suspense over their future. But, by the late 1990s, something happened that was to change Oakland forever: then former California Governor Jerry Brown, eager to remake his “moonbean” image and reenter politics, ran for mayor of Oakland. I call it a complete insult to blacks who have tech startups in Oakland and who seek venture funding. Candice: EOC was founded in January 2016 for the purpose of advancing racial and economic equity work in deep East Oakland. “Every time I look at that spot, it’s a constant reminder. M.O.I. Well, Jerry Brown’s becoming Oakland’s first white mayor in decades, coupled with his celebrity status, helped change that. “The left knows you need to spend a lot of money on public schools to make them work. By 1997, Oakland had an estimated 120 such programs, all which had financial ties to the Oakland Redevelopment Agency in the form of grants and loans. What’s the process for a homeless person to get a room? Wondering when the time they will be asked to leave that house has to be horrifying. I was later told by Elihu Harris that Brown had promised to pay Forest City $70 million in upfront pre-development funding – an incentive to kick start his 10K Housing Program. Twitter. And then there’s Senate Bill 628, a law created in 2015 that allows for the creation of redevelopment tax increment financing zones, where the money can be used for affordable housing. With panic buying and rations on key essential items, people cannot use their SNAP or EBT benefits to purchase the appropriate amount of water, food and supplies for their families. Funkquarians when a white man who said he lived nearby showed up to the lake to try and stop them. Some have found ways of resisting. He created Oakland's first true blog, Oakland Focus, and Oakland's first YouTube Partner Channel. Facebook. To put it in street terms, white developer money was jumping over Oakland from San Francisco, and going to Alameda, Emeryville, Berkeley, and suburban Walnut Creek. The overall cause of their situation is a market that creates more and more expensive housing; their actions, alone, will not change that state of affairs, but it will give more content opportunities for local media organizations. Email . “We had process paralysis. We need Oakland leaders who understand how to make government help people and small businesses.