Ghodi chadna is the ceremony when the groom mounts the mare called ghodi to leave for the wedding venue with his baraat or procession. Later, she returns home and takes a proper shower to get ready for the main events ahead. Even if you can't be a professional chef, you can at least talk like one with this vocabulary quiz. The bangles are first purified in a mixture of milk and rose petals. After Milni, the groom is led towards the stage of the wedding hall. Once the haldi paste dries off, it’s scrubbed off the body. From rituals that are unheard to common ones and from simple ceremonies to the more lavish ones, all packed in one. Other elders of the house touch the choodas and give their blessings. This is one of the most emotional moments for the bride. 8. She is also gifted jewelry, traditional sweets and mehendi. But before he sets off the ghodi is fed by the groom’s sisters and female cousins. While the mass populous is being pumped with merriment to the point of nausea a single Misfit can be seen in the distance. You'll have 15 seconds to answer each question. The faster you identify, the higher your score. a cause of mirth; a jest, entertainment, etc. The bride’s sisters and friends tie kaleere on her wrist. The groom also carries a matching dupatta around his neck. In Roka, the bride’s family visits the groom's house with lots of gifts including sweets, clothes, dry fruits, jewelries, money, etc. “Stuffing” vs. “Dressing”: Do You Know The Difference? After the prayers, the bride is seated and lifts her veil so that she gets acquainted with her new relatives. They prefer living “SINGH SIZE” rather than “King Size” 7. Traditionally, the bride has to shake the kaleeras over the head of unmarried girls, who she wishes to see getting married next. cryptic definition: 1. mysterious and difficult to understand: 2. mysterious and difficult to understand: 3…. which are referred to as shagun. The two souls are now officially considered husband and wife. Other than the preferred red color, brides nowadays go for other colors like gold, fuchsia, orange, green, etcetera etcetera. The first ritual of the union. A Punjabi reception is filled with sumptuous meals, elaborate music and dance, joyful laughter, and lots of meeting and greeting. Sometimes the sangeet ceremony takes place on the evening of mehendi function and in some cases on a different day altogether. This ceremony is held a day or two before the wedding. What follows is fun to watch! From the bangle ceremony to chunni, haldi to ghodi, the list keeps going. The elder members of the family bless her and showers her with gifts, cash and jewelry. Which Came First: Turkey The Bird, Or Turkey The Nation? To cook in water, just below boiling temperature. Punjabis are known for their warm hospitality. Moreover, the groom’s initial letters are also hidden amidst the intricate and elaborate patterns. You have not find out the answer correctly. We Asked, You Answered. There are always several meanings of each word in Hindi. Correct Use of WAS WERE in English Grammar, Examples of Imperative Sentences in English Grammar, 20 Common Words in English for Better Conversation, Types of Sentences in English Grammar with Examples, Basics of Direct and Indirect Narration and Speech in English Grammar, Sentence Making Rules for Direct Indirect Speech[First 4 rules], Sentence Making Rules for Direct Indirect Speech[5th, 6th and 7th rules], Active and Passive Voice in English Grammar, Active and Passive Voice for Imperative Sentences, Clauses in English Grammar Exercise in Hindi, Your Contact information added successfully, You have not provided correct answer within time limit. Doli is the return procession when the groom brings his new bride home. After one such night of merriment, I woke up at a station completely unfamiliar to me. Cream or off-white is the preferred color with gold and silver thread work and other decorations. After each circle, the mother-in-law tries to take a sip of water, but the bride stops her from drinking, until the seventh attempt. Chunni ceremony marks the official engagement of the two partners. You'll have 15 seconds to find out correct synonym for given word. This is the first ritual performed on the morning of the wedding day at the respective houses. Immediately after, the bangles are covered in white cloth. And why not? Their list of rituals have a deep meaning and are never ending. A lot of jewelry goes with the look, some are gold while some are heavy costume jewelry. This ritual is called chunni chadana and marks the acceptance of the bride by the groom’s family. Even in the midst of all the merriment, however, were reminders of the ongoing tensions within conservatism. In this ceremony, the ends of the couples’ dupattas are tied in a knot and the two have to circle seven times around the sacred fire. The liveliness and merriment of a Punjabi wedding makes it different from weddings of other culture and this unique celebration can only be enjoyed in weddings of Punjab. After the bridegroom is all dressed up, his family assembles for pooja in his honor. You will not see a Punjabi bride without maang tika, bangles, nath (nosepin), chooda (the red and ivory bangle set from the chooda ceremony), and anklets. This is considered one of the most important and sentimental rituals of the Punjabi wedding ceremony. But wait, there’s more to a Punjabi Shaadi (wedding) than these. Mehendi is a quintessential part of every Indian bride. He wears a jooti (traditional Punjabi shoes) to complete the look. The turban and the headgear called sehra (it has strings, pearls or flowers hanging down that partially covers his face) that the groom would wear is first sanctified by the priest.