But if your lockers are just for staff to store their belongings during their shift, 1.2m should be enough space for lockers that are face-to-face. This is a very versatile locker material to suit many industries. The same is true for women’s locker rooms. Elite Lockers' range of garment lockers range from 5 to 15 door models and can be raised from the floor to allow for cleaning underneath using their own specific locker stands. Secure steel cabinets are ideal for storing equipment, medical supplies and cleaning chemicals, keeping them safe and secure. There is also the option to have the core of the locker be industrial grade particleboard with a wood veneer finish on the locker. Life Safety Exit — Make sure your configuration is laid out so anyone in the locker room (no matter what area they are in) will have unimpeded regress from the locker room. What type of locks do you require? While clothes are the most common stuff put there, there are many more. Updating your browser is easy, follow the link below. If your guests will be changing clothes in your locker room, the locker configurations should also allow for semi-private areas in both wet and dry areas, without limiting the ease of getting to each area. Failing to update your browser is likely to also impact your ability to shop from other websites. The height of the locker is one foot. A factory fitted sloping option may be installed on lockers to keep dirt to a minimum. There are two lock types to choose from: cam lock lockers and padlock lockers. Check for updates to ADA guidelines to make sure your locker room layout is ADA compliant. It is important to ensure that there is sufficient room for clear access at all times, so consider carefully your placement of lockers or changing room benches so that they do not obstruct the pathway. In order to determine the best type of locks for your facility, consider the following: If maximum security is your main concern, the best (and most secure choice) for lockers are padlock hasp locks. Whether you are designing a locker room for a gym, fitness center, country […] Temporary lockers can have multi-user locks, where a combination is set by one person for one-time only. 5% of your lockers must be ADA compliant. This will promote better air circulation. A facility should have a mixture of locker sizes based on the demographic analysis. The height of this locker is 3 feet while the width is one foot. Locker Room Floor Plan Dimensions - Beste Awesome Inspiration. When it comes to personal items, your staff may prefer to use a padlock to secure their lockers as opposed to a key cam lock for better security. For these individuals, lockers located outside the locker room in a public area are very well suited. These work well for stadiums, athletics, sports teams, and upscale country clubs and gyms. This way you can accommodate all the needs of your client base. Locker Room Floor Layout2. What are your lockers intended use? *Sample layout only. The other benefit of the locker stands is that they feature adjustable feet, working brilliantly on slightly uneven surfaces and giving you the choice to change the height of your lockers to ensure they nest together evenly. What is the Size of an American Football Field. Elite lockers benefit from inter-compartmental security as well as the outer lock, with selected doors reinforced with steel profiles making it difficult to gain access to the adjacent locker. October 2020. 3. The other benefit of flexi-deck tiles is that they can be fitted with bevelled edges which blend into the tiles, leaving no gaps or obstructions to trip over, and making them comfortable to walk on whilst barefoot. Temporary use means that a person selects an unused locker, secures their belongings for a limited period of time, and then removes their items and vacates the locker. Planning a locker room or changing room is simple and depends on several factors. It’s important that your locker room seating matches or compliments your lockers. LOCKER ROOM DESIGN. All these things, plus the number of users, have to be considered for the locker room dimensions. It is available in not just colored finishes, but also textured, glossy, matte, or a realistic wood grain. 100% Made in the USA | Email Us | 1-800-88-IDEAL. Plastic is also extremely durable and resistant to scratches. Don’t forget to have handicap accessible lockers installed that comply with the ADA! Depending on your environment, there are many practical flooring solutions which are designed specifically for use in changing rooms and leisure facilities to reduce trip hazards. Elite Lockers' island seating is highly durable and constructed from a solid welded steel frame. Locker Material3. For example, if your facility is located in a downtown area then most likely your users will require full length hanging space (42”) for suits, jackets, skirts, pants, etc. Your customers will not have to worry about padlocks or keys to gain access to the locker. This gives the seating outstanding resistance to physical stress which is unavoidable during long term use in busy commercial environments. You can easily combine island seating and lockers, as the lockers can be fixed flush up to the wall to maximise every inch of space. Additional Information and Other Important Details. Many locker rooms also have a clean/dirty option available. This will also entice people to store their stuff inside their locker. Locker room dimensions differ, but all are gender specific and employ lockers to store clothing and accessories. Other factors include cost, visual appeal, and resistance to humidity levels. The name is taken from the fact that the clothes are stored in the lockers. Temporary locker lock solutions include multi-user combination locks, user programmable pushbutton locks, and user programmable keypad locks. ADA compliant lockers are no more than 15 inches off the floor, have a surrounding clear floor space of 30″x48″ minimum, and storage spaces (shelves, coat hangers, etc.) Whether you are designing a locker room for a gym, fitness center, country club or school, the essential elements are the same. Tiers refer to the number of layers of the lockers. You can choose from solid natural wood benches, metal stools with wood tops, plastic laminate seats, and more. There are also padlocks available. The Plan How To Plan Locker Room Bathroom Pool Changing Rooms Public Shower Toilet Plan Gym Showers Warehouse Design Bathroom Floor Plans. Before deciding on locker room size, club owners and operators should determine the dimensions of the lockers they’ll be using, and what furniture will occupy the space. Alternatively, you can design lockers with holes. Many lockers also feature a sloping top, which is designed to help prevent the build-up of dust and debris on top, keeping the changing area neat and tidy and helping you maintain a hygienic changing area. You must also have at least 1 ADA compliant locker room bench. As such, your locker room design needs to incorporate amenities that are accessible to everyone. This is perfect for hotels, universities and on site contractors where a user may use a locker regularly over a set period of time. Some of the benefits of Elite Lockers' lockable cabinets include a high shelf loading capacity, hardwearing construction and an antibacterial coating which protects against MRSA & E-Coli. But some features remain basically the same. For example, to hang a a uniform you will need a full length or half-length space, whereas if your lockers are primarily going to be used for storing personal effects, smaller lockers will be the smarter investment. Metal Lockers — Metal lockers account for the majority of locker sales in the U.S. If there is a need to air damp clothing, the lockers should allow clothing to be hanged. The number of guests who will be using your facility is also essential to consider. This guide will take you through everything you need to know. Security is one of the most important factors in a locker, as they are are primarily designed to store items safely. First, analyze your demographics of your client base and what people will need to store in your lockers. Coin and key lockers are used to secure the items in the locker room. 5% or more of all lockers, with a … Lockers. When you purchase pre-made lockers, chances are they will not match your specific branded colors. The finish of your lockers should also match the environment that your brand reflects. TIP:Personal effects lockers are also suitable for hotels to store guests' valuables in a secure place away from their room, behind reception.