Thread in 'Archive: Jordan Brand Price/Fake Checks' Thread starter Started by rockett4, Start date Dec 18, 2015; Dec 18, 2015 #1 rockett4. 23. they are made in nike factories without the consent of nike or jordan brand. Also, are they still considered to be legit? New Jordan 11's will feature the Jumpman logo printed on the insole. These are fake. Older models may feature the Nike logo. In replica shoes, this point is more rounded. Alright, I picked up a pair of the 2011 Jordan 11 Concord. Anyone else with anymore input please? Check the carbon fiber sole. Legit Check Please - Jordan 11 Concord 2011. It's real simple and some people might not agree but no yellowing = no purchase. However, I'm not sure the PayPal claims rep can distinguish authentic from fakes. There's a 9 page argument whether or not they're considered legit right here: Taobao purchase imo. Do you guys think they're legit or B-grades/fake? I've seen it plenty of times here. Legit Check Jordan 11 Concord. I haven't seen any stretched 23's on authentic pairs. 'Archive: Jordan Brand Price/Fake Checks', NT, I purchased a pair of used Jordan 11 Concords (378037-107) on eBay. No yellowing means it was recently produced. Can you please explain thanks? In authentic Nike Air Jordan 11 the white part of the sole where it meets with the colored midsole is pointed to form the distinct V-shape. According to Campless the average price of a DS pair of Concord 11's is $370, the average price for a high quality fake is roughly $150, so I know no one wants to pay $200+ more and end up with a fake. In authentic Air Jordan 11s, this carbon fiber is strong and durable. Im trying to step my game up. 'Archive: Jordan Brand Price/Fake Checks'. PM If Interested. You must log in or register to reply here. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The Jordan 11 Concord is by far one of the most replicated sneakers on the market due to it being so iconic within the sneaker community. Fake spotted, Legit Check Fake Air Jordan 11 concord #45, fake jordan 11 concord, real vs fake air jordan 11 Post navigation. I provided the seller with the invoice title and description to ensure there were no loopholes: Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Concord (100% authentic w/ OG box)-Size 13, Color: White/Black-Dark Concord; Style: # 378037-107. Just another a note, I didn't buy them off like a reseller site. Other than white to black stitching and red to blue ink , what is the clue? So these are for sure pointing to "grey market" products? This community is dedicated to Sneakers and Athletic brand shoes and apparel as well the athletes that endorse their products. Sorry not familiar with the term "grey market". For the best possible site experience please take a moment to disable your AdBlocker or head over to our upgrade page to donate for an ad-free experience Upgrade now. 7 10 Joined Mar 30, 2013. There are no stamps inside of the box. You must log in or register to reply here. I just bought a pair of 2011 Concords size 10.5 online, and would like some help determining its authenticity. Those look awesome. If they do feature the Jumpman logo check the proportions of the hands, feet and ball. Surprisingly, this pair doesn't appear to be worn that much (minimal PL creasing, insole Jumpman logo is perfect, no cracking on heel 23, etc. Oh alright thanks for the explanation appreciated. Widow peaks, icy sole. Here's my advice. ), which is why the discoloration of the sides and shape of the upper (heel collar) is concerning. thanks man. It's getting harder and harder to legit check XI's nowadays. No discussion needed Fake AF get your money back OP. Good luck I hope it works out for you.. Looks like PayPal decided to punt on this one: BS. Official release date for the Concord Jordan 11 2011 Retro is December 23rd 2011, and … Everything looks on point to me. The insoles were glued down and when removed a very faint stamp was found (left shoe). LC BEFORE you pay next time...Ive seen these situations go both ways honestly..You will probably be ok in this instance, but sometimes you dont get your $ back so you have to be accountable for your own $ and decisions with online transactions. Alright, I picked up a pair of the 2011 Jordan 11 Concord. UA pairs=fake. Thanks in advance the thing is it's a wild card when you purchase the shoes because there is no quality control on the pairs that are being made, but the shoes look real good as far as i can tell. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter porno; Start date Mar 13, 2012 Next Next post: More Colorways Of The Grant Hill Fila 95 & 96 Are In The Making. Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks some useful and important features of our website. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. The only concern I share with you is the end production date...maybe a lil sketchy but if those are "grey market pairs" they're the best I've seen. I bought them off a classified ads site similar to Craigslist. With the images presented, the Air Jordan XI 2011 Concords look identical to the original release, with black patent leather, white uppers and blue tint translucent sole. I don't too much time left if I'm going to try and argue and get my money back lol. The ultimate sneaker enthusiast community. If a shoe was produced in 2011, then there should be oxidation in the soles. The numbers? NikeTalk was created as a way of giving back to both the sneaker enthusiast community and to the greater global community of which we are all a part. Thread in 'Archive: Jordan Brand Price/Fake Checks' Thread starter Started by grownsimba92, Start date Mar 30, 2013; Mar 30, 2013 #1 grownsimba92. Do you guys think they're legit or B-grades/fake?