Weißwürsteare never cooked (! Eat it until midday. Traditional accompaniments are sweet mustard from Bavaria, beer and a pretzel locals call Laugenbrezel (as pictured up top). Simmering Classic Bavarian Weisswurst Bring salted water to a boil. This video is unavailable. We’re here to help make sure you don’t go hungry while travelling, to show you exactly how to tackle that unusual dish without looking like a fool, and to help you enjoy the culture of a location through its food. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If you don’t want to upset Bavarians, you better know how to eat it right … and when to eat it! How to eat Gelbwurst. Bavarian breakfast; The Surgeon This is the most popular and discreet way of eating Weisswurst. Watch an learn … I do only have little memories of my grandfather. She loves experimenting with ingredients and flavors, most often to the pleasure (and sometimes risk) of her family and friends. Eating it seems to be a science on its own. It is usually flavored with parsley, lemon, mace, onions, ginger and cardamom. Thanks! Watch Queue Queue When in Germany… Get our Weisswurst recipe. Pan frying is also acceptable. Today one can eat this sausage at any time of the day. If you'd like to make weisswurst from scratch follow this easy recipe from Steffs Dinners. This is why it is traditionally eaten during the morning. Be aware that Gelbwurst goes off quickly though, so it’s best to eat … Cookies helps us deliver our services. Travel Gluttons is about finding good local food around the world and understanding how to eat it. The Bretzel is not the dry thing, you might know. Well, that is probably how it was before we had fridges and freezers. Bavaria, Bavarian white sausage, Beer, Food, Food Guide, tradition, Weißwurst, White Sausage. Eating “Weißwurst” the right way By Barbara / Leave a Comment / September 6, 2015 September 30, 2018 Weißwurst (notice the letter “ß”, called “eszet” and spoken with a sharp “s” sound) is a Bavarian sausage and there is quite a bit of weird traditions about it. We’re here to help make sure you don’t go hungry while travelling, to show you exactly how to tackle that unusual dish without looking like a fool, and to help you enjoy the culture of a location through its food. Continue on one end until you are halfway through and continue with the other half. Clinking glasses and beer drinking people who sway, sing along, and dance to party music. Admittedly, this article will inform you about the proper traditions and customs surrounding the Weißwurst, so that next time you’re about to dig in, you can actually focus on the excellent flavour of the sausage, instead of worrying about being hit over the head with a Bierkrug. Eat together with a Bretzel. Some people eat their Weisswurst with the wrong mustard or even worse, with ketchup. In former times there was no way of keeping it fresh until after 12.00 p.m. This is in part due to the sausage’s unusual characteristics, but it is primarily intensified by the judgemental glances given by locals if the sausage is consumed incorrectly. . You are such a tease! They remain in the water until ready to be consumed to keep them from cooling down. If you order Weisswurst in a public house like this you will get Weisswurst with the correct mustard, or no Weisswurst at all. Fortunately, you won’t make a fool of yourself when choosing one of these methods: peeling, scraping, or sucking. Log in Powered by WordPress Designed by Gabfire, How to Eat: Weißwurst (Bavarian White Sausage). Weißwürsteare accompanied by sweet Bavarian mustard, fresh Brezen(Bavarian Pretzels) and a cold Weizen(Wheat beer). The Weißwurst (veal sausage) is a Bavarian specialty, most notably the Munich Weißwurst. Bockwurst (Difficulty: Hard) Chowhound. Your email address will not be published. Some very traditional public houses won't even serve Weisswurst with something other than 'sweet mustard'. Regardless, when visiting Bavaria, the consumption of the iconic Weißwurst (Bavarian white sausage) is almost obligatory, but for many tourists, however, it turns out to be a rather traumatising experience. It can be cooked in simmering water for 10 minutes or grilled. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Built on the Genesis Framework. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Set a pot on the stove and fill it … Now all that’s left for me to say is “An Guadn!” (Bavarian for ‘Enjoy!’). Now you peel back a portion to reveal the first inch or so of meat, and then dip and eat it. Watch Queue Queue. ), but simply heated (steeped) for 10 minutes in hot water. S‘Albufera Natural Park, Mallorca’s Wonderful Wetlands, Surviving a Visit to the U.S. Embassy and Consulate for a Passport Renewal.