I received a set of upgraded carbs for fitting and modified the aluminium intakes to suit the New CX sub-frame. Often overlooked on a CX mod is the tilted back tank. The small in-and-out seat hoop and lighting upgrades produce just as much enjoyment as the mammoth undertakings that get seen the world over. You can check out the build video here to get a glimpse of it. Cafe Racer Parts US The spoke were custom made to suit, so I don’t have the size. A clean 2 into 1 header with a 2 up slash cut muffler on the end. The open ended tubes house the tail lights and support the hand laid carbon fibre tail cowl that floats above it. After the wheels, I designed a custom triple clamp up that lowered the front suspension about 50mm. After which I got in touch with my mate Marios at DNA performance filters for some purpose built pod filters to suit the CX500. As the idea of Purpose Built Moto has taken shape, there is an increasing difference in the amount of custom work and creativity put into our projects. Smooth note and a cafe racer style from our muffler collection. Honda Cx Scrambler Kit Uncategorized November 22, 2020 0 masuzi Honda cx500 scrambler by jeroen honda cx500 scrambler honda cx500 cafe racer parts pacific cx500 … Modifications couldn’t stop at aesthetics, this thing needed to perform. Hello Tom. Hearing the freshly rebuilt motor breathe for the first time through the 2-1-2 exhaust set up was phenomenal, even on idle the bike snarls at you like a caged animal. Check out our privacy policy for more information on how we protect and manage your data. Tel: 07854 098088Email: enquiries@caferacerkits.co.uk, © 2016 Cafe Racer Kits LtdCompany Registration No: 8921320. Regards. If you need any of the parts listed in our blog make sure you hit our online store up!\. This form collects your name and email address so that we can add you to our mailing list for future updates and news. Call: 0467 417 828 DIY Moto Kits from German design house Hookie Co. Love reading about each build you do. I used the standard CX500 hubs, stripped the comstar wheel and fitted spoke rims to them. Our CRK 250/400 Cafe Racer kit transforms the Honda CB250N or CB400N into a great looking old school racer. We build jigs and fixtures, moulds and patterns and then produce the parts in small batches to keep the cost competitive and the quality high. Initially when I stumbled on your post I thought that this was just another CX500 build among the numerous ones out there. Second time round I had a little psychedelic help and it took shape in one session with an almost superbike inspired set of lines. This CX500 marks the first in the Purpose Built Moto Signature series. Was it involved with some modification to fit the Honda CX 500? We are now distributing bespoke, handcrafted Italian JoNich wheels. Youd be surprised what you can achieve with a ground up build. Along the way there are still plenty of opportunities to do your own thing and make the bike individually yours. We try to choose donor bikes that are reasonably priced in the secondhand market so that your project won’t break the bank. Things like engine gasket sets, carburetor kits, fork seals, levers, cables, brake pads and more to help you resurrect and maintain your Honda CX500. It requires no modification to fit with the tyre, however to get the wheel off, you need to uncouple the final drive and seperate the hub from the swingarm. Once the major fabrication was finished, the motor was removed, stripped and vapour blasted before being rebuilt by my mate Jamie Webster. 1981 Honda CX500. Kicking off in late 2016, and reaching completion in April 2018, the CX500 received a complete nut and bolt rebuild on top of a huge list of one off custom modifications. It was also nice to see Café Racer parts for a host of Japanese bikes, ranging from a custom seat for your Honda CX500 to bang up to date face lift kits for your Yamaha XV950. Buy Cafe Racer conversion kits for Honda and Triumph. As the modern café racer design was coming together I was becoming increasingly excited about where the idea was headed. Michael wanted a custom like nothing else. Website by Crowe Computer Services US Army veteran owned and operated This website proudly Made in the USA! From our shop to yours. • Community Garage• Custom Moto• Custom Parts, Call: 0467 417 828 Love the indicators! Thanks for the kind words mate, It’s always nice to hear someone admiring the hard work we put into that one. Fantastic job. Here’s how we did it. Our most popular kit is the Honda CX500 Cafe Racer Kit. Then I fucked it up, threw it out, and started again. That said, when you see the Purpose Built Moto signature on one of our builds, this marks a motorcycle that speaks to my ideas and skill set being pushed to the extent of my ability at the time. While this was going on, the custom rearsets were designed, cut and matching linkages were fabricated. Purpose Built Moto is a vehicle for progress and with every fresh set of wheels to hit the road, a lesson learned. Reactions: Mr_Meower, ... Honda CX 500 Forum. As the idea of Purpose Built Moto has taken shape, there is an increasing difference in the amount of custom work and creativity put into our projects. Each module is supplied complete with step by step instructions to guide you through the build process. Greetings. The clip on handlebars, single seat, coupled with the stainless steel instruments and bates style headlamp create cool retro look. Taking time to make sure the stance of the bike was right from front to back, the tank was dropped 18mm on the front and mounted slightly raised at the rear on the new sub-frame. If you do get stuck there is help on hand via our technical support service. […] down to an art. Cheers Drew, The Shock is originally of a Kawasaki ER6-N but rebuilt to suit the CX500. The ace bars and single seat, coupled with the aluminium instrument housings and headlamp brackets create cool retro look. During the design we use a mixture of experience, craft and modern techniques such as 3D Cad to specify the parts. Our CRK 500 Roadster kit transforms the Honda CX500 into a great looking urban custom. Hi Piotr Purpose Built Moto has gotten to where it is because of taking pride in everything we do, not just the high budget builds. © Purpose Built Moto. Cx500 cafe racer kit modules honda parts with new cx500 cafe racer kit this is slightly diffe from the honda cx500 cafe racer conversion kit 画像あり honda cx500 cafe racer conversion kit Whats people lookup in this blog: Lighting up front is a 5.75” Flashpoint LED headlight, and some PBM Hollow tip indicators. Then you get anomalies like the fucking CX500 which because of the orientation of the gearbox/engine, needs some wizardry with a sprinkling of […]. What size did you use the wheel rims and the length of the spokes, respectively? You can build the complete kit or select individual modules to create your unique Cafe Racer bike. Check out the full gallery of the CX500 completed. Not everything for your finished bike is included in the kit, parts such as silencers, indicators, tyres etc are your own choice and allow you to customise your build. Email: tom@purposebuiltmoto.com. Everyone has built one, but I didn’t want to take any cues from others. Moving to the front end, the forks were rebuilt and adjustable pre-load caps were fitted and a custom fork stabilizer made. I found my current 1980 cx 500 custom on craigslist motorcycle parts four hours after listing. Once again, I didn’t know that an old lady like that can be the belle of the ball. The kit is made up of ‘modules’. The idea I landed on was a twin aluminium tube design that swept up similar to the exhaust design. The idea behind this stemmed from a need to differentiate between the customs that roll out of my garage. It took a few tries with my tube bender but turned out just as I set out to make it. I notice that the tailpiece is quite small , where did you put your battery , what type of battery is it and did you have to alter the charging circuit when using Gel / Lithium ion batteries? Did you have to modify the swing arm to fit the 150 tire? I’d seen his previous bikes and he was no stranger to a more left of center bike. The low bars and dual seat, coupled with the aluminium instrument housings and headlamp brackets create cool retro look. The signature series will represent a motorcycle where I’ve had all but creative control over the finished product and been given license to test new ideas. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. « Six Monkeys Daytona 1050 Speed Triple Full Fairing Superbike Conversion, Yamaha Virago Cafe Racers by Doc’s Chops », Homebuilt Recumbent Motorcycle Racer Competes in MRA Sanctioned Event, Deliberate Practice on the Way to Being Great. This build had to be mine, and like nothing else. We can't always rectify errors made with purchases if the subframe has been welded in place ! Having this fitted to the stock CX500C spurred my next idea; smaller, lighter wheels. The stabilizer also acts as the mount for the Carbon fibre guard over the front wheel. With the wheels and tyres on and the front suspension level set, I cut the rear sub-frame from the backbone and behind the foot pegs; removing it to make way for the monoshock conversion.