Farm House Quilts a blog about my quilting life…mostly. xx, Super easy and fast table runner tutorial. Farm Quilter Quilting to enhance the beauty of your quilt. Do you decorate for Fall? Thanks for sharing. xx, I think it is always a good idea to keep the mind occupied with crafty items xx. So there you have it: Fall at the farmhouse :). Really? Quilts are perfect for a farm home because there are plenty of rustic quilts. I totally understand! Discover the top-rated farmhouse quilts and farmhouse quilt sets for your bedroom. A beautifully planned out space! That's all for this week....until next time~happy creating! As always, your house is beautiful! knitting to scrapbooking to cardmaking, but when I discovered quilting 19 years ago, it changed everything! It had stood guard over the land that many years later became our neighborhood. It is a super cute story~ I recommend all of Jan Brett's children's books, if you are looking for gift ideas for children! I love quilt books as well but every few years I purge so I can add a few new titles . Thanks for the suggestion! We have a garden every year. Love your collage quilt. Super easy and fast table runner tutorial. The scarecrow quilt is so cute. Next week I am hoping to have some more completed quilt projects to share with you...and maybe some new ones that I just can't resist....yes, I am a very bad influence! That sounds amazing! We have had the most gorgeous weather here in central Pennsylvania this past week....crispy and cool at night, with some rain, but lots of sunshiny, breezy days....perfect FALL weather! knitting to scrapbooking to cardmaking, but when I discovered quilting 19 years ago, it … Many of you know that I am a bit book-obsessed. I am going to assume it is a wall hanging. Farmhouse Quilts Hello, my name is Monique and I am a wife and mother to 4 amazing children who range in age from 13 to 27. Daughter and I each decided to decorate a fireplace mantle so set about shopping for a "theme". Your garden is looking gorgeous! (please click the title to view this post in your browser!). When I did finally start my blog, we just so happened to live right next door to an old Farmhouse. This book ties in somewhat with my fascination with "inchies", little teeny quilted works, a topic on which I still owe you  blog post. Let me know if you need help ( you can email me at. Yes, I think the quilting is the most intimidating part....that's easy to mess up! Enjoy your stay under the variable skies of Eastern Washington and watch the seasons change, from planting to harvest here on the sure to wrap up in a quilt during the winter, it's cold!! I don't remember how I stumbled across this book, but the topic of combining various textiles, such as old pieces of quilts, with embroidery is so very fascinating to me, as well as using old pieces as a collage base, and the end results are gorgeous ( and ofcourse one of a kind!). Hahahah, yes, I know you are! Hi Monique,Love your garden! I went over to your amazon link and ordered my copy of Textiles Reformed too1 Thank You for your inspiration! I wish we were next door neighbors so I could have a cup of tea in with you in your home. Your house is so cozy looking, I love your fall decorating. I agree, one can never have too many books! Love your blog posts. Farmhouse Quilter. We really don't use this room in the summer because there are no windows, just one sliding door, and it is way too dark for my liking when I want to be soaking up sunshine! I follow Helen Philipps on Instagram and love her style! and it has the coolest cover~ it is actually fabric!