Add the coriander and spiralized zucchini and simmer for about 3 minutes. Prep the ingredients beforehand since this recipe comes together quickly. I love the combination of flavors, and it looks so simple but delicious. Adjust seasoning to taste. You don't want the sauce to thick. You can add more seasoning to taste, and once it’s just right, turn off the heat. Zucchini makes for delicious and healthy snacks and is a great ingredient in breakfast muffins and even pizza bases. so good! Errr! My FitnessPal is probably the easiest app to use to calculate the nutritional information. Your email address will not be published. For me, eating is a moment to share, an enjoyment, a passion. I am always amazed at how incredibly creamy and delectable cashew cream sauces are!! This zucchini bake is easy to throw together, and it cooks in less than 30 minutes. I am a qualified nutrition coach with an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management. That is until you discover the wonders of zucchini. They really need to be dry so pat them dry with absorbent paper. Set aside. Remove lid and cook for 5 more minutes—stirring every few minutes (zucchini should be just tender). Zucchini noodles — often referred to as zoodles — are the keto answer to pretty much all your pasta needs. Fresh zucchini slices are covered with cream sauce and baked until bubbly and golden in this easy comfort food meal. A great way to get picky eaters to eat (and enjoy) their veggies, too! So grab your spiralizer, and let’s get cooking. Yes, I am definitely posting WW points, but I’m running a bit behind. When pureed, especially with nuts, they are creamy and delicious. This was a big hit here at the house! I mean, picture-taker! Add garlic and cook for 30 seconds until fragrant. The result? Will have to adjust my calories per serving though. Keto Friendly Zucchini Carbonara. In addition to taking the place of high-carb pasta, zucchini is also a rich source of vitamin C — an essential antioxidant and nutrient for your body[*]. Heat the sauce over medium-low heat until it just starts to simmer, stirring periodically, and then turn it to low. Can’t wait to make this again! Add salt and pepper to taste. You can store your leftovers in the fridge for 2-3 days if you keep them in an airtight container. Low carb, gluten-free, and keto carbonara is totally going to find a place in your weekly menu rotation. Noline is a chartered accountant and therapeutic reflexologist who converted to the keto lifestyle after losing 55 pounds without counting calories or starving herself. My husband really enjoyed it! She does this at Essential Keto where she shares resources, recipes and her experiences, whilst working on losing that last 10 pounds. If you are using a nonstick skillet, you can reduce the olive oil to 1 tablespoon. I love these super simple recipes and think we all need these go to recipes that you can make quickly without too much thinking and without much washing up. Oh gosh I could eat artichoke anything ALL day long! Taste for salt and add a little more, if desired. Over the years it had changed to include cream making the sauce velvety and rich, and often you will see bacon used in place of the pancetta. This gluten-free, paleo-friendly pasta alternative can be spiralized to match the shape of pasta and offers the perfect base for your favorite sauces. A warm and creamy zoodle carbonara that recreates the dish from my childhood and doesn’t leave me feeling like I am eating anything other than the original. Such an underrated veggie. Add the shrimp and cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Your email address will not be published. Include additional protein by including either chicken, shrimp, or ham. Like so many of the recipes here on Whole Lotta Yum, the keto carbonara one was inspired by a family favorite. Toss for about 4 minutes or until cooked al dente. © Irena Macri | Food Fit For Life. I mix sweet & hot sausage, love this recipe. Hey there—I’m Nate! Pour the cream mixture over the zucchini in the baking dish; shake the baking dish to distribute the cream all around the zucchini slices. Tried this today and you did not disappoint with flavor and taste! Finally, add your zucchini noodles to the skillet and toss them to coat in the sauce. In a bowl, beat the shredded cheese, heavy cream, butter, garlic, parsley, salt, and pepper. I love this delicious and easy meal! keto recipes, zucchini casserole, baked zucchini, low carb dinner, how to cook zucchini, baked zucchini recipe, oven baked zucchini, baked parmesan zucchini, parmesan zucchini, zucchini casserole recipe, Gluten Free Double Chocolate Zucchini Brownies. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Top your zucchini carbonara with the crumbled bacon, more parmesan cheese, and even a bit of parsley. This is such a good idea to make the cream sauce with them – can’t wait to make this! Tag @perfectketo on Instagram and hashtag it #perfectketo, Health Benefits of Lemon Garlic Zucchini Noodles, In addition to taking the place of high-carb pasta, zucchini is also a rich source of, — an essential antioxidant and nutrient for your body[, , which may support heart health, and garlic is an excellent source of the compound allicin, which is a potent antioxidant and antibacterial nutrient[. I hope you enjoy my recipes! Give the cheese sauce another stir and take it off the heat. This gluten-free, paleo-friendly pasta alternative can be spiralized to match the shape of pasta and offers the perfect base for your favorite sauces. Delicious!!! You can double up on the ingredients to make a bigger batch of the artichoke cream as it’s actually very delicious as a dip. Only 15-20 minutes of prep and no cooking required. Please let us know how you like this creamy keto zucchini shrimp pasta recipe in the comments below. It only takes about 20 minutes and is a perfect quick meal that is healthy and nutritious. Thank YOU! Carefully slice away the soft core of each quarter (save for blended soups) then cut on a bias to form penne pasta shapes. Turkey could also be replaced with cooked chicken, ham, shrimp and so on. Raw zucchini is totally edible and is easily digestible. PS. Mix in the sour cream and simmer for a minute or so. It’s a dairy-free, vegan-friendly sauce and it’s fabulous. Our final ingredient is sliced turkey breast. Tag @irenamacri on Instagram and hashtag it #foodfitforlife. Ideally, you would want to use a vegetable spiralizer to create pasta-like noodles. You can store your leftovers in the fridge for 2-3 days if you keep them in an airtight container. Be sure to upload your keto carbonara recipe photos on the Pinterest pin and/or tag us on Instagram at @wholelotta.yum! More Zucchini Recipes. Slicing zucchini or yellow squash into penne pasta shapes is one of my favorite keto cooking hacks! I’m very glad you enjoyed it! This no-cook paleo pasta is made with zucchini noodles and creamy artichoke cashew sauce.