The crops and livestock in commercial farming are produced on a large scale, and grown in huge farms, using machinery, irrigation methods, chemical fertilizers, and other technologies. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. It increases yield Owing to the use of a large area of land, there is an increase in farm yield. 2. Problem of storage 6. (c) The yield is usually low. Commercial farming is all about the growing of crops and/or the rearing of animals for raw materials, food, or export, particularly for profitable reasons. H1: There is a statistically significant relationship between commercial farmer characteristics and performance of commercial farmers in Kiambu County. It employes skilled labour 1. It employs unskilled labour. A lot of skill and time is given to the production of the crops and animals, so there are usually of higher quality. Mixed system of farming is usually practised. 2. 3. Crude tools are used The harvest returns are small. 2. Other animals farmed for dairy include goats, camels and sheep. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture; Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages, Bolu’s Incredible Travel Experience From Osogbo to Modakeke, Osun State, PLANT NUTRITION: MEANING, MICRO AND MACRO NUTRIENTS, PROCESSES, FUNCTIONS, DEFICIENCIES. Unlike livestock farms, all of the crops grown in arable farming are sold. What is commercial agriculture? Commercial agriculture leads to specialization of labour because all operations are mechanized. The practice, also known as agribusiness, is increasingly being taken up and practiced as more and more people partake in … It increases yield here are the top Characteristics of Commercial Bank. Some of the largest crop farms are found in Canada and the Midwest of the United States. Ans : (b) Transport and communication plays an important role. High quantities of fertilisers, high yield variety seeds, insecticides and pesticides are used to enhance the productivity of land. In most cases, arable farmers can not set their own price for their goods, but instead are dependent on market prices. As a result of mass production, the sale prices of products are usually very low and affordable. 9. Harvesting is tedious Depending on the crop, it may include plows, cultivators, sprayers, choppers, or other types of equipment. 3. There are certain characteristics that distinguish arable farming from other forms of agriculture, such as the size of the farm, the type and diversity of the crops, and the tools used to harvest them. Four characteristics of commercial farming in India are 1. Characteristics of subsistence agriculture It is mostly practiced by peasant farmers. Commercial farms are often larger than regular family farms because economies of scale are richly sought after due to the immense competition involved. It requires high heat, humidity, and rainfall. As a result of the use of machines, it can lead to soil erosion and pollution of the environment. This article excerpt attempts to shed light on the difference between subsistence and commercial farming. 3. (And Alternatives to Them), accounting for about 47% of the world’s beef, India is the world’s largest producer of milk. Commercial agriculture is defined as the type of agriculture which is concerned with the production of food, animals and cash crops in large quantities for sale. 5. Small farmlands results in small yield. Some of the largest crop farms are found in Canada and the Midwest of the United States. 2. 1. 2. Production of cheap products It involves the use of local tools eg hoe, cutlass etc. 5. 1. Records are kept for proper accountability. Crop farms tend to cover more land than livestock farming, as the profit received depends entirely on what can be harvested from the field. Sole cropping system is usually practiced 6. Advantages of Commercial agriculture All the banking features of commercial bank would be appropriate. (a) ragi (b) jowar Characteristic Features of Commercial Grain Farming. It involve huge investments of capital Owing to high yield, harvest is usually tedious and time consuming. Many crop farms, particularly in the Midwest of the United States, tend to be hundreds to thousands of acres large, with individual fields reaching 50 acres or more. 9. As a result of cultivation of same crop continuously, there may be outbreak of pests and disease which will be devastating. 11. There is no specialization.

High quantities of fertilisers, high yield variety seeds, insecticides and pesticides are used to enhance the productivity of land. Oni: Adoption of Appropriate Agricultural Technologies for Commercial Arable Crops in Nigeria, Barcelona Field Studies Centre: Farming Factors. That’s good I did mine that in ss1 third term, Before then, I have already did it in junior class. 7. Large area of good fertile are not usually available for commercial agriculture. He received a Master of Arts in writing at the National University of Ireland, Galway. It involves the use of hired labour There may be problem of storage due to over production. This is different than civic agriculture, which is generally much smaller in scale and can involve picking and planting crops by hand to be sold locally. In subsistence farming, nearly all the crops or Due to the small farm holding and use of crude tools, there’s practically no capital for investment. We have discussed characteristics of commercial bank nicely. It usually involves the use of family labour. 6. This results in low yield since the use of these tools have limits compared to tractors ,ploughs etc. Many arable farms practice monoculture, or only growing one or two crops. 8. In arable farming, large areas of land are planted and harvested at one time. 10. A lot of money is involved because most operations are mechanized. (iii) Intensive use of modern inputs like High Yielding Variety (HYV) seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides etc to increase productivity. 4. Major characteristics of commercialfarming in India are given below (i) Commercial farming is crop selective and aim for industrial inputs or export oriented. 25. Clayton Yuetter has worked as a professional writer since 1999. Due to high labour inputs are required in subsistence farming, it is a labour-intensive technique. Pests and disease are not controlled 6. Production of cheap products As a result of mass production, the sale prices of products are usually very low and affordable. It is expensive (d) The pressure of population is high on land. Output is usually high REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Two broad categories of farming have been identified. Use of small farmlands It involves the cultivation of large hectares of land