Since 10 year old players are still young, it’s important to keep these drills fun and active to keep them motivated. Which is why I love using soft-hands paddles for this age group. My daughter is 10 and loves softball. A very simple team building drill is using a “buddy system.” This is something that one of the coaches in the SCO Community shared with me a while back, and I love it. See more ideas about softball drills, softball, softball training. One batter one fielder, the batter self tosses the ball and hits it to the fielder. The truth is that these drills are good (and recommended) for ANY age-group, including your 8U players. It's going to feel like she's hitting a bowling ball, but you'll see immediate improvement. Step 2: Run any of the previous two drills, or other drills you enjoy, while the players try to hold the ball in between their chin and chest at all times. In picture #4, notice how her hands separate from her body, her front shoulder and hip rotate “in”, all while she strides forward. And thousands more for 8U, 14U, 16U and 18U. The infield has to field the ball, the batter runs to first when the ball gets hit by the coach and a play is made. Thanks so much. The remainder of the girls are also batters standing on the side. Do not be overzealous with this. Answer Save. Step 2: The coach will now roll the ball at one of these three pylons. Machine hitting : Spray paint some balls blue and some red. Plus the girls get a chance to bat. Use this drill to reinforce the following: Covering up the ball with the throwing hand (two hands). It can also (when done correctly) help develop smoother upper body movements as the hitters hands separate from her body during the stride phase. I am coaching a 10 U travel team, interested in some drills for my practices. Station 3:   Hula Hoops on the fence for the girls to pick up three balls and make it through the hoop (Target practice). Start with the first batter and the infield ready for a play to first. Step 1: Set up three cones in a triangle so that two of the cones are lined up with each other, and the third is off a few feet to one side. And as she gets into the 12U “phase” of playing she will have this mastered. You must log in or register to reply here. Ideal for sports training, outdoor games or construction themed birthday party decorations. foot forward and just flick with her wrist to the catcher. And I recognize this problem because I have the same damn problem in both my own softball game and in my golf game. Here’s a tip that Yvette sent which works well with her team. Her strength has always been that she can put the bat on the ball. If the ball is rolled to the pylon directly in front of the player, they will run at the ball with the same curved technique as the first drill. If you neglect this area, you will lessen your impact and the desire of your players to stick with softball. In the games we find that the girls are not knowing what to do and have an issue with “tuning” out the [tag]base coach[/tag], so we thought that if they knew what to look for when on first, it make them understand what we are trying to do in a game. Engage your kids in practice. The drill will start with the player in a ready position in front of the other cone that’s lined up with the cone next to the ball. I think I am going to get a tee and net going soon. What is the conflict of the story of sinigang? Last update was on: November 26, 2020 9:13 pm, Join the discussion - Leave a comment below, REEHUT 7.5 Inch Plastic Sport Training Traffic Cone (Set of 12, Orange), Softball Hitting Drills to Keep Front Shoulder In, Softball Catching Drills to Improve Quickness, Softball Hitting Drills to Keep Weight Back. This is because when the ball is rolling away from the player to one of their sides, it is too difficult to get in front of the ball. Keep repeating the activity. Proper throwing mechanics is one of the biggest challenges I have experienced with this age group. I am a [tag]softball coach[/tag] for 7& 8 girls [tag]softball[/tag].This is the best [tag]softball drill[/tag] I have found to get them to have the right form in grounding balls. You can see the video of the drill below: A couple of important notes as you watch the drill: The second drill is a hitting drill that I call the “Jump Back Drill.” Once again, developing body awareness is the critical element for this drill. Win more games! And with young travel ball players laying a great foundation of proper fundamentals is essential for future success!