Woks are starting to become an increasingly popular appliance in the kitchen. SS without an aluminum or copper sandwich does a poor … Materials and Construction. Both sound tough enough and they are well-famed, so can there be a winning choice? For stainless steel cookware, I recommend All-Clad and Made In. Facts about Carbon Steel Cookware: Carbon steel consists of about 1% carbon and 98% to 99% iron. When it comes to fighting high-heat battles in a restaurant kitchen, nothing is better than carbon steel… It has to be seasoned and treated like cast iron and is the best material for a wok, IMO. Carbon steel … For carbon steel, I recommend Made In, De Buyer, and BK cookware. carbon steel vs stainless steel wok. Steel versus steel or else carbon steel vs stainless steel pan. Carbon steel is the traditional wok material. … Carbon steel cookware leaches iron into your food. Iron is a healthy mineral that our body needs this can be a great benefit. Woks made from Carbon steel are generally high-carbon steel with carbon to iron ratio of 1 to 99 whereas cast iron has a higher carbon content reaching almost 2 to 3 percent of carbon and 98 to 97 … Before I get into the performance, versatility, and durability of carbon steel and stainless steel … They are bowl-shaped frying pans which are mainly used for Chinese dishes. Carbon steel is usually heavier than stainless steel.