They say 7-10 business days, but that's how long it takes to *make* it... then they have to ship it, and I selected the scheduled delivery option so that took a few extra days to arrange. Zero adjustment period for this mattress. We have only slept on it for two nights now, but can state categorically that this Saatva mattress is perfect! I took it to my new place and with friends opened the packaging and we laughed with amazement as this grew into a huge plump substantial queen mattress! (Paid about $400 more total than out last mattress which was a queen. We really have difficulty moving on memory foam because it sinks and traps you like quick sand making turning over horrible. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. I especially liked that there is no 'off gassing' at all.......I worried about making an online purchase, but am so glad I did....take the leap, you won't be disappointed!!! Can take the Weight!! When we contacted Saatva for information, we spoke to Ed Brians. Sorry but that's true. Judging by the representative's response, this appears to be a common complaint. I think Avocado did everything they could from their end. We’ve been reviewing products for over 5 years and have helped over 25 million people with difficult purchase decisions. If you want a soft, cloudlike mattress this is not the best choice. What do you have to lose? The green. I contacted the company and they were so amazing and helped me find a topper for it to soften it. I was afraid to order a mattress on line but Saatva gives you a 75 day trial and I felt that if we didn't like it we could return it without any problems. My lower back hurts every morning. We called them and they were quite rude and hung up. Avocado vs Awara - Mattress Comparison At a Glance. Love it!!! This bed is soooooo comfortable. After 3 weeks we had terrible back and hip pain. These mattresses are quite supportive. I drove an hour away to try out different organic mattresses but the cheapest one I could find was well over $3k. I don't blame Avocado for the unprofessional delivery company. The few times there was a question that couldn't be answered ( because no normal person would ask these questions) but that's not me. But after that initial night I became very enamored of this lovely product. For chemical sensitive folks or those that suffer from airborne allergies, having an all-natural mattress is a must, but Avocado goes a step further. Thank you everyone at Avocodo our son now refers to the mattress as the magic bed.. Saatva has no stores. Additionally, some of my aches and pains seem to have diminished. If I pay it off in six months--0%! Just agree to exchange the bed and tell me you'll be there for me if I need you after I try my new bed too. This mattress for all of the summer has not been a disappointment it really does sleep cool. I continued to sleep in it until November when I could afford another mattress (cheap no name) and now my back is back to normal. We received it a month ago. She told me I would be contacted shortly after to coordinate the delivery.SCHEDULINGSure enough I received a call maybe half an hour later from another rep from the delivery company on behalf of Saatva. It was delivered with 10 days of my order. There is sinking starting on each side, even though every 3 months we rotate the top mattress. The Bottom Line. She loves it. oh man, my boyfriend immediately told me "oh your nature ways. Luxury firm mattress by Saatva is very poor quality, DO NOT BUY! Even with the cost of a topper and the mattress you're still saving about a thousand dollars! These mattresses, for example, get high marks from customers on quality and durability. . Quality touches abound. Its really thick and only needs a platform. I heard about Avocado mattresses but was reluctant to purchase a mattress online. Customers report that their spines are aligned and hips and shoulders are cradled.Edge SupportThese mattresses also are competitive with their edge support, which is how well the mattress keeps even support on the edges. Organic cotton and USA made YEAH!!! Been trying all different sorts of pillows and have been having a bit of a Goldilocks time of it.