Bangpongpang, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand It is financially more attractive than a full time tax person, yet provides the same level of service to the university. We reserve the right to determine how the legal services provided to you are performed, by whom they are performed, and whether we engage as agents on your behalf, or as independent contractors on our own behalf, other competent law firms or professionals to assist with various elements of the legal services to be provided by us to you. A retainer to gain access to sought-after services: the client pays a retainer simply for the privilege of being a client of the contractor service provider or expert. There may, however, be times when we are waiting for actions or information from others, and you will not hear from us. Please note that we will always have an obligation to protect your confidential information, even when you are no longer our client. Under our Agreement, we will charge you a fee for our services that will be determined in a manner that is consistent with the Law Society of Upper Canada rules (which is the Law Society that governs our professional practice), and that will represent a fair and reasonable fee, based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: the time and effort involved, the complexity of the … We will attempt to base the amount of the Initial Retainer Amount on our best estimate of the time and effort that will be initially required to deal with the preliminary aspects of any particular matter. If you have particular requirements in this regard, you will raise these with us at the outset of our Agreement. Statements of Account will be issued to you periodically throughout the term of our engagement, and are payable upon receipt. google-site-verification: google197d0f084263612c.html. In doing so, we will seek an appropriate value for the intellectual capital inherent in our services, and the proprietary knowledge inherent in our law firm, which may not necessarily relate to the time value of the hours spent on your file, although the time value for our service can often serve as a bench-mark for our fee. If you engage our services we will be required to screen for conflicts of interest with our existing clients. Non-residents of Canada shall be charged fees in US dollars. Where we choose not to require an Initial Monetary Retainer in advance for our services to you, the provision of any information or documentation to us by you or by your employees or agents, shall constitute your acceptance of our Agreement, and subject to our professional obligations to screen for conflicts of interest, and attend to the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Client Identification requirements (and, if applicable, Client Verification requirements), we will consider ourselves engaged to act for you as your lawyers. Our published rates for services, which may be a guidepost in this process, currently range from US $300 per hour for our most junior tax and trade associates, to US $1,200 for our most senior partners, but may change from time to time, and without express notice to you. In addition to our fees, we will charge you for any disbursements which we incur on your behalf or in relation to the matter for which we have been retained, as well as all applicable GST/HST - which may apply to both fees and disbursements. The purpose of this document is to reduce this agreement to writing so that we will understand our obligations to each other. Under the retainer agreement, Ultima. To access the Millar Kreklewetz LLP secure client file transfer system, please log in. It is financially more attractive than a full time tax person, yet provides the same level of service to the university. You also authorize us to disclose such information, on a need to know basis, to the extent that we are required or believe it advisable to use agents or independent contractors, counterparts at other law firms or other professionals who may be retained by us to assist us in rendering services to you. As client of Millar Kreklewetz, you can expect that our legal services will be performed on a professional and competent basis, and in a timely manner. Annual services such as tax returns and financial statements require 12 consecutive payments prior to commencement of any works. We also reserve the right under our Agreement to cease all work on your file until such replenishment has been made.